“Off the Wall” Decor and Fashion Collections


Art comesĀ “Off the Wall” in my decor and fashion Collections, and it’s incredible!

I am so excited to showcase my paintings in an outstanding product line,

like bedding, pillows, towels, totes, backpacks, clocks and so much more.

Fabulous design, superb quality, and creative products you will really use.

What’s more fun than napping under “Garden Daisies” bedding, showering behind

a funky “Life’s a Bowl..” cherry shower curtain, or touring around town with a

“Summer Poppy” backpack or tote? You looking for adorable fun fashion pieces?

I’ve got you covered too, from shirts, socks to beautiful A-line dresses.

Designed for the art lover who wants stylish,

unique products that people will ask “wow, where did you get that?”

Perfect gifts for yourself or someone you really like.


Easy on-line shopping, and delivered to your door.

Click the site below, and it will take you directly to my secure store.


You can now purchase a limited number of my “Off the Wall Collection” at the ART GALLERY OF ALBERTA Shop, like totes, art cards, pillows and hehehe cookies.