“Off the Wall” Cookie Canvases


“Off the Wall” Cookie Canvases

Cookie Canvases by Joriginals

After creating a few “traditional” cookies (using layers of icing) for giveaways at my art shows and other events, I wanted to try something a bit different. I had the perfect chance at the Night of Artists magazine launch last year, to hand-paint on cookies, as a visual artist that’s where I’m most comfortable. I started with a delicious sugar cookie with white icing as my canvas, than using a special food safe coloring I started to paint. It took a bit to get the hang of it, (I gained a few pounds eating my mistakes) and happily “Cookie Canvases by Joriginals” hand-painted cookies was born. Thanks to the artists of NOA who loved those first test painted cookies, I now create originals pieces, cookies for other artists, gifting and ones to use as marketing tools, perfect “limited editions for the discerning palette.” You can now purchase my cookies at the ART GALLERY OF ALBERTA Shop.

As my company name says “Joriginals: Where ART and INNOVATION Meet.”  Art can come in a variety of forms, even some you can eat.

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